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Thread: Guitar effects processor " Hot Hand wireless ring effect processor?

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    Guitar effects processor " Hot Hand wireless ring effect processor?

    Has anyone here used the hand-activated Hot Hand or Hot Hand 3 wireless guitar effects processor from Source Audio? It is a ring that maneuvers the wah wah effects instead of a foot pedal. It looks like the original version has more "custom-ability" than the newer "3" version. I'm wondering if it is a stand-alone effects processor or if it is intended to be plugged into another type of filter/processor.

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    I saw them a few years ago and was intrigued by the product, but never bought it or demoed it. I dont think you need another processor to use it as far as I recall, though not 100% sure.
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    I've tried one, but didn't fancy it very much. I reckon some folks would though. It wasn't enough better than an auto wah to warrant picking one up for that. My main effects come from either a Line 6 POD HD for high gain stuff (which is very convenient to use the way I setup my patches) or a small pedal rack on a board I made to ride stable on my lap. I only use a few pedals and this works just fine, IMO.
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