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Thread: Pot for spasticity

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    Rule of thumb I use is Sativa affects the mind makes me feel high and Indica effects the body makes it relax.

    Sativa strains are usually the best for depression because they clean up and focuses my attention. Sativa is the heady high. This area has a new Sativa strain called BUBBA DOG with THC at 27%. That is great for in the morning with the sun and coffee, now that is a productive high I can strategize and plan my day with a focused mind.

    In the evening when I want to relax my mind and tense body I smoke or eat butter from an Afghanie Kush which is an Indica. I don't get high but tired and have a nice sleep usually feeling a little better in the morning than if I had not smoked any Indica.

    BLUE DREAM is a great Sativa hybrid while an Afghanie or Kush is an Indica variety.

    The state I live in has legal medical MJ since 1999 and just legalized recreational use this year. Looks like state is going to outlaw outside growing and as a grower I am ok with that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by trekker6 View Post
    I just ordered CBD oil, supposedly it gives relief from spasticity and is legal to order in all the states, I'll report my results with it, it doesn't get you high though, which is fine with me, the pot they sell nowadays is way too strong.
    Have you tried the oil yet, trekker6? I ordered a bottle of oil for vaporizing and a syringe of the 15% cbd blue label sublingual oil. I tried the vaporizing oil last night and for anyone who has trouble with sleep, it will definitely make you drowsy but it did nothing for my spasms or pain. I would still have to take meds. for both but I could probably sleep sound for at least 5 to 6 hours with the use of the oil. That's better than what I get now.
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    I burn one every so often. I have to be careful due to piss tests at work. But the herb does chill the spasms for me, and the pain somewhat. Will still need to do meds for bedtime, but at least I can have a calm evening (when spasms are worse) when I hit the bong.

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    I'm 15 years post injury and have really bad spasms. IMHO, nothing works better than marijuana for spasms. The CBD strains seem to do nothing to alleviate my spasms and I noticed that THC is the key to controlling my spasms. I was hoping that CBD strains would help me so I wouldn't have to be "stoned" all day, but I would rather be "stoned" then have my liver destroyed by all these medications my doctor prescribes me.

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