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    insurance question

    I'm not sure where this question needs to go, but I will just start here and see who can help me. So I am switching to Kaiser Permanente for insurance, but I worry that they will not cover everything that my old insurance covered (Blue Cross/Blue Shield). I have heard great things about Kaiser, but as fas as equipment, my medications, and some other things, I worry they won't cover it. If anyone has Kaiser Permanente and can give me any advice I would really appreciate it.

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    There are different Kaiser plans. You need to get a copy of the policy coverage description and read it carefully for these areas. DME coverage for Kaiser in my area varies from none at all to coverage similar to Medicare (very limited).


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    I would like the re-empathize what SCI Nurse said; read and reread this new plan. If you do not understand it or it seems to be contradictory in some way get assistance reading and UNDERSTANDING, the plan you will be paying for. Your very life as you know it, depends on this knowledge.

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