View Poll Results: Should a C5-C6 injury (even complete)be able to self catheterize, transfer, Drive..

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  • Yes as long as they work hard enough, they should be able to do these tasks at that level

    1 4.00%
  • No every injury is different, even at the same level

    21 84.00%
  • A C-5 C6 even complete should be able to drive and Cath themselves

    2 8.00%
  • Most incompletes should be able to with rehab

    1 4.00%
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Thread: A question for the community

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    A question for the community

    My goal,my quest is to be independent, I watch instructional videos, I've spent tens of thousands of dollars on physiotherapy, pursue experimental treatments, and keep myself up at night thinking of what I need to be doing what I'm doing wrong etc. this is an obsession for me. I've seen people in my injuryMove as if they were paraplegics,i've seen others that can barely move their arms. Dependency is the ultimate disgrace that is what is motivated since day one, it's also why I begged to be left in that swamp. After so much effort and so much money spent true independence for myself will require return of function. Thought when I first joined this place I was attacked constantly told I was making excuses, that I wasn't doing what I could Be doing. Assumptions were made, I was hearing this was the same time the physiotherapist well I was in rehab wouldn't try anything like transfers because I "l lacked the function" The words that were said to me on here motivated me to try harder, Find better physiotherapy spend a lot more money, they also really fucked with my head when I wasn't getting anywhere... Anyways I'm here to get the communities consensus on the matter. Either way I'm still going to pursue Independence, it'd be shameful if I didnt. C1-Lumbar section completes incompletes Abs please give your votes, share your explanation or opinion if you wish.
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