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Thread: SacralSore_Need Positioning Ideas

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    SacralSore_Need Positioning Ideas

    My daughter sent me a pic this morning of a sore that re-opened. She is in Tucson and will need more help than the PCA staff can provide so I plan to fly down there. The plan is of course to stay off it.

    She will be flying home a week from tomorrow. I just want to get this thing heading in the right direction and then get her home! Starting tomorrow she has finals at the U that don't end until next Thursday. I need positioning ideas. Especially any that would allow her to study?

    We are using Medline Optifoam dressings and Medihoney on the wound right now.

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    One thing for sure that she needs to spend as little time as possible on that area is possible. That means when in bed, as little time as possible on one's back, especially with the head of the bed raised, as that can create excessive pressure on the sacral area. The bed should never be elevated more than 30? I believe. In addition, I would look at her mattress to make sure that she is getting adequate protection while in bed.

    She certainly should be sleeping on her sides, being rotated on a regular basis. And if possible she should try and get on her stomach during the day for as much as possible, the people often find this position difficult.

    Equally as important is to have an evaluation as to her sitting position. She needs to make sure that she has the correct seating system, wheelchair and cushion, for her level of disability, functional ability, and skin condition, which obviously now is not good. If she is a sacral sitter, which many people are, that will need to be addressed.

    Then there are issues of nutrition, hydration, etc. But no matter how often you heal it up, if her bedding and seating accommodations are not correct, the sore will reopen. These must be addressed as well as the immediate issues of dressings, etc..

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    Thanks for all the very helpful info. I am only letting her up to go to a final, shower or program. Other than that it is side or stomach. I do have the head of the bed elevated when she is eating so I will keep it to a minimum. The area looks like we are heading in the right direction but I have no plans to get her out of bed until Friday when we fly home for Christmas break.

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