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Thread: Inevitable

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    James, AD is caused by many things and pfcs is right drop your balloon down to 5cc. After that take some ciproflaxin for 2-3 days to help make sure you have no infections. After that check your chair cushion any jewelry you might wear your shoes (anything that might cause pain or discomfort). They all can cause AD bro. I read a lot of your posts and feel the same in many ways. Also, drinking beers can give you the shits try doing a few shots and drinking a coke instead when going out it might help.

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    OK will do, I had a hangnail my big toeit's never been the same since they cut it out. Damn things grows Out crooked doesn't turn into another hangnail yet though just looks gross, Been like that for two years pretty sure permanent. Doesn't help that my toes never Move. Yeah I hear you on the beer, I love beer but inevitable fact is more than two and I'll shit myself, sometimes even one. So now I drink vodka cranberries liked all the girls Yaaaaa

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