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Thread: Sweating question please?

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    Sweating question please?

    I'm nearing my 9th anniversary of my spinal cord injury and have never had this issue. I'm a c3/c4 incomplete ASIA B. In the past 4-6 weeks after being in my power chair for 10-12 hours I find that my pants are completely soaked with sweat. It's like someone has poured a glass of water in my lap. It's obviously affecting the skin on my butt and testicles. Extremely concerned with multiple skin breakdowns. I haven't changed medications, clothing or heat levels in my house. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    Sweating can be part of AD. Have you brought this situation to your doctor's attention?

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    That was happening to me 2012... it turned out to be a pressure sore that started on the inside and worked its way to the surface. Get your BP checked as Tom suggested and if you have any redness on your bottom, get it looked at, pronto!

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    Thank you Tom & Scott for your replies. I normally experience slight AD reactions when I urinate. I've had extreme AD reactions with UTI's. I'm guessing this is not an AD reaction because my BP is fine and I'm not experiencing the normal symptoms. Right now I would characterize my ass as a mild sunburn lol. Should I still seek medical attention? My urologist has me on a daily regiment of keflex for UTI prevention. Could this cause the extreme sweating? Tom I see you're from NE Ohio. I am as well. I'm from Lowellville, right outside of Youngstown. Where are you from if you don't mind me asking?

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    agree with all of the responses above. Let us know the outcome.


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    just a thought. if the skin looks irritated, make sure you just don't have jock itch or something like that. that will make your skin real wet and soak your pants in that area. try medicated powder. if it was AD you normally sweat above your injury line

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