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    Lightbulb Help w transfering c5

    Hi, I have a caregiver that has a hard time transferring me into the's especially problematic because the Showerchair is really high and even when the brakes are on it slides....
    I live in a small apartment so a stranded hoyler lift takes up alotta room.
    My first question is... Is there any lift that is smaller? Or any that you don't need the sling?? Please help, any comment will help!!
    Also,anybody have a good transfer video I could show my caregiver? I'm sure this is a common problem, what would you guys do?

    Thank yu all for taking a look at my question, I really appreciate it and this site is a godsend, but it wouldn't be without all of you putting in our two cents and helping a fellow!!
    Try. Jesse

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    Jesse, try looking on here-

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    Have you seen the ceiling track style of lift? There are a few different styles and brands. If you don't own the apartment you'd probably have to ask for permission before installing. So if you consider a ceiling lift, best to ask before purchasing.

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    There are also free-standing tracking systems. Do you have a roll in shower or tub? Is you shower chair stationery or rolling? You also need a hygiene type sling that's much easier to get on and off.


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    hi JFK, same problem here. I use a shower chair every morning and I'm not able to transfer in from my bed alone. And I'm sure I'm not the only quad in this case? But with little help from my caregiver (in fact my nurse) it can be done without problem. I weight approx. 180, and she doesn't look like Hulk, but with my full-electric bed I can adjust the height as I want (1/2 to 1" higher than my chair). My nurse takes both legs together, lifts them a little bit, and avoid them falling in the cutting of the seat. On my side, when I'm sitting on the edge of the bed with my nurse facing me, I can push hard on my arms to transfer, and secure my balance by putting my face on her shoulder. My nurse uses her feet and knees to keep the chair in place. Am I cristal clear ?
    If you don't have an electric bed, you should try to adjust it's height by using taller legs. You can also put under the existing legs boxes, cans, bricks or anything else. Very inexpensive solution I use when I leave my home for holydays.
    If your chair slips too much (mine's slips too, due to the poor quality of the tyres, and my concrete floor) you can try to tie it with a cord to the side of your bed. I do that to my everyday chair, I have a small hook that grabs the tubing near my cushion.
    Of course, if your everyday chair and shower chair doesn't have the same height, you'll have to find a compromise. It's up to you to find the good settings.
    I hope this helps,
    C6-7 since mid 2002, no hand control nor triceps.
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