My right side as always been stronger and since it's easier to get things done with that arm I'm sure I've neglected my left arm. But I still see a lot of potential there. My left hand has no grasp, that is the least of my worries so I wouldn't start there. My bicep works but is weak and limited range of motion. My tricep has a trace, I have to believe if I can make it fire that it can be strengthened. I can pull my elbow / arm back, rowing motion, but pushing it forward it only goes a short distance. If I try to pick my arm straight up using the shoulder it goes a little but not much. My wrist can turn out, I can get it back in but mostly with a flip. I can shoulder shrug pretty strong but my shoulder blade feels kinda locked up. With all of this I know my arm can be better and do more for me, but where do I start? If you were to prioritize, what area would be the best to start with, and then? I appreciate the help on this, thank you.