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Thread: Long time, no C Diff - until now

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    Long time, no C Diff - until now

    Hiya all. Season's greetings.

    Three days: Two emergency room visits and a Dr. office appt.

    Complete blood work up for liver and pancreatic function all fine, hemocrit etc etc. No fever.

    Two different stool samples came back negative for C DIff (haha) Can you say false negatives?

    My stool is liquid, mustard yellow and get this, smells strongly of butter. Diarrhea happening at 30 mins/ hour intervals.

    So riddle me this: How do you convince anyone that really doesn't know half the kind of shit we see that if they

    don't get you in in front of a infectious disease specialist, the patient is a dead man rolling?

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    And the truth shall set you free.

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    And the truth shall set you free.

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    Go to your regular provider and repeat the C Diff test and get tested for other stool cultures
    if everything is negative get a consult to a GI provider


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