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Thread: Visiting Nurse's supp;oer will not send the correct urological supplies

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    Visiting Nurse's supp;oer will not send the correct urological supplies

    I have had a Foley catheter for years and have found what works for me. the visiting nurse agency recently was merged with another company, and they changed their supplier. After many years with a Foley, help for you all, and KLD, I know what works for me. I and the visiting nurse tell them what items I need, such as a Dover silicone catheter, the "Cath secure" brand tube holders, and the 4000 cc bags for the night time, and the supplier keeps sending me substitutions of other brands that don't work. After two weeks the Foley catheters they send me start falling off te extension tube and I get covered in urine. They send me an off brand of "cath secure" which falls apart and I wake up to the unpliant feeling of being pulled on (I have sensation down there) you know where. I have to use duct tape to as a tube holder and duct tape the catheter to the extension tube. It is Medline they use and no one likes them at all. Their supplies are awful, even the nurses complain. I have called Medicare about it and got no real help at all, just a guy who mumbled, and sounded like a robot with a mouthful of mashed potatoes. I called and complained to the State Board of Registration, that referred me to the State Board of Health, and I just cannot afford to pay for my own supplies. I talked to the VNA's clinical supply department before I called these other people. Then I talked with the nursing supervisor, who just complained that I could not adapt to change, she has even pissed off my doctor and the nurse practitioner. They have had conversations with them and were pretty seriously angry with the agency and supplier. I even tried to look to see if there was another nursing agency I could go through but I couldn't find any. Any suggestions? Or maybe I should buy stock in a duct tape manufacturer LOL.
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    Must you get your supplies from the agency and not purchase separately?? Is this funded by Medicare? Do you belong to a Medicare HMO? Or is it Medicaid? I suspect there is a way to get a waiver for having to use Medline (which as you know is a cheap line of products for the most part), although I do think they are one of the few companies who offers the extra large capacity urinary drainage bag. You will probably have to go further up the chain of command than a supervisor for the HHA. You should ask if they have a formal complaint process, a patient advocate, and a supply waiver policy that you can have a copy of. Is the agency Joint Commission accredited? If so, you can also file a complain with TJC.

    Curious about how you get ongoing home health agency (HHA) care like this? Are you homebound? Do you have other skilled nursing needs other than catheter changes? I my area, Medicare would not pay long term for HHA nurses long term; instead they would expect to teach a non-nurse caregiver how to do things like catheter changes over a several week period and then they would discharge you.


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    Might be Home and Community Based Services Medicaid Waiver.

    Where I have had HHC (NM, CO, UT) you get a weekly nurse visit want/need it or not as a condition of HHC. Not all states allow non-nurse catheter changes.

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    I have some great news! I got a call from the supervisor as the VNA and they straightened it out finally. It was Medline who was refusing to send the right ones that they put in for. I called my senator's office and complained, wrote them a letter, and the agency that regulates the VNA called them and said I was having problems. When the new supervisor called me she was apologetic, I received the correct supplies yesterday, and the nurse came in and changed my Foley. Its so nice to have the right supplies! They have it on record to send me the right one, and the supervisor for this area now is great.
    Disability is not a medical problem with social issues, but rather a social problem with medical issues.
    Franklin D. Rosevelt

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