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Thread: new pressure sore

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    Hello Michael,

    I have chronic sores on sides of my butt right on the "sitting bones" area. To help speed healing, I use 100% Emu oil, gauze and breathable fabric medical tape (like Hypafix). It really works for me. You should be able to find it at any pharmacy (I'm sure some are better than others but I've only used one brand since it's lasted a long time).

    My routine: I always clean the area first. I use Puracyn to clean with a piece of gauze and then air dry for a few minutes. Apply a few drops of Emu oil. Cut a piece of gauze and Hypafix (or whatever brand you can find) and cover the area. ONE KEY thing I do is fold the fabric tape on itself in one corner so it is easier to remove. I change the dressing at least once a day. Be careful removing the dressing. I remove it in the shower after running warm water on it for a few minutes.

    Good Luck!
    Never Give Up!

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    there's only one really good way i know to protect it: don't sit on it. also, since there's so much scar tissue, if you get a slight abrasion, don't use duoderm because it makes it worse. (i know that sounds like a contradiction--your wound isn't big but i mean a TINY opening. once you get one that's open like yours, you don't have a choice except to use duoderm and stay completely off it. just try to stay on your stomach until it heals.) this is an awful area to try to protect because it's so bony. make sure you have rohos on everything. i have one on my shower chair and my wheelchair. i have contractures which pull my pelvis into a weird angle. the odd thing is that duoderm makes it moist while it's on, and when you take it off, the skin gets really dry. i use Bag Balm and heavy duty Eucerin. the stuff that looks like lard in a tub, not the plain lotion.

    i looked up sulfaziadine and yes, it is silvadene. i never liked it. a doctor prescribed it decades ago, i used it once or twice and really didn't like the results.

    like i said, try Anasept. it's 24.95 for 3 oz. at Healthy i think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

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    this is how it looks now. protecting that area is certainly difficult.

    I also need to increase my muscle mass. IDK how can it be done in that area.
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    There is not a magic way to increase your muscle mass in that area. You need to have your cushion and wheelchair checked out by a PT or OT who does seating. They may be able to give you some options to help reduce the pressure to that area.

    Protecting that area is more than difficult. It is next to impossible. Make sure that you air it nightly to decrease the moisture there, do plenty of weight shifting, try not to lay on it in bed and generally baby it. Stay off of it as much as you can until it is healed and then check it frequently. Also, make sure that you eat a diet high in protein and drink plenty of fluids. Getting dehydrated is not good for your skin.

    Hope this helps a little.


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