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Thread: new pressure sore

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    new pressure sore

    i think i know how I made it, but for now doesn't matter too much. I'll stay in bed and pressure off, for the next days.

    It is in the sacral area. Pls see the attach for how it looks. What is that white/gray area? It will fall off?
    Do you have any advice for me?
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    Hard to tell without being able to feel the area, but it looks like old scar and non-prolifitive tissue (wound edges that look like callus and indicate a chronic wound edge that will never close).

    Keep off your back, avoid elevating the head of the bed when you are on your back, turn side to side mostly (or prone), and if you get any pressure here when sitting (depends on your posture) you need to stay in bed. Keep the area clean and slightly moist, and covered with a dressing. You have a lot of old scar issue in the area, so your skin will always be weak and vulnerable in this area.


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    The white part is soft on touch. Seems as a moist skin. Lately I had to stay an sleep with cold packs because of the epididymis.

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    this is how it looks now.

    ty KLD for your valuable feedback!
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    The open area is getting larger. Are you staying completely off your back in bed, and not sitting at all?


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    which is the right approach to clean and disinfect the area? Betadine cream is a good choice?

    until now i've used a silver sulfaziadine based cream, but i have to change it.

    this is how it looks now
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    No, do not use Betadine. It kills fibroblasts. Rinse gently with normal saline or water and apply a dressing like hydrocolloid or Vaseline gauze.


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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    No, do not use Betadine. It kills fibroblasts. Rinse gently with normal saline or water and apply a dressing like hydrocolloid or Vaseline gauze.

    KLD, thank you so much for the valuable advice and feedback.

    this is how it looks now. I think that i have to stay some other days on bed too.
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    hi michael: the sacral area is the bane of my existence for the last 35 years so i sympathize. the nurse is so right, do not use betadine or hydrogen peroxide on an open wound. if a doctor sees it and suggests dakin's, then maybe, because it's somewhat less cytotoxic. it's hard to tell from a photo but from looking at my own so many years i would guess it's slightly macerated tissue--also over a lot of old scar tissue that is a lot more fragile. you can't sit on these at all, which i know makes life somewhat impossible.

    you can use duoderm or another hydrocolloid, which i did for years, but i have recently found that anasept gel with gauze or medihoney calcium alginate works really well on stage 1 wounds. each person responds differently. duoderm worked fantastically for me for a long time, but recently i have noticed it can cause more problems than it solves in certain areas. for me, it makes the area more moist but dries it out in the long run and over all the scar tissue i have, that's not great.

    i was a long time fan of silvasorb (since 2004) but anasept is really affordable. i get mine from best price i've found.

    you said you use silver sulfaziadine based cream. do you mean like silvadene? that always made things kind of gooky for me (nice medical term). i used it once or twice but mostly silvasorb.

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    I really don't know if silver sulfaziadine is a good choice. In my case it wasn't . Wikipedia thinks the same [link], but I've checked only after two days of use.

    Tentative evidence has found that silver sulfadiazine may increase healing times – wounds may take longer to heal if treated with this drug, so it is not recommended by the authors of a Cochrane review
    @absinthia darkbloom: ty so much for your advices and feedback. I have 4 days of staying in bed and I hope it gets closed sooner.

    I'll need some advice about how to protect ant treat that area and what treatments to use after the wound is closed. My skin is really dry.

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