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Thread: New Power Chair woes..Quauntum Q6 Edge

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    New Power Chair woes..Quauntum Q6 Edge

    I just got a new Quantum q6 edge yesterday after having an Invacare Tdx for the last 5 yrs. this is only day two and I'm beginning to hate it. I like the looks and the comfort better than my Tdx but the turning is soooo jerky. The casters are plain awful! They get stuck in a position and when I try to move in a different direction the whole chair jumps around. My Tdx never did that.. Its sad cuz I love every other aspect of the chair except the handling. Does anyone know if I can get aftermarket casters that might work better?
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    What kind and size castors do you have?
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    Is there any chance at all that you could return the chair? Pride Mobility doesn't necessarily use the best components and other possible problems may occur down the road.
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    Perhaps the chair programming needs to be tweaked. There could be a setting that is making the chair too jumpy. Programming can take a lot of trial and error when you are trying to match the feel of a previous chair. Also, if the casters are truly getting stuck (you can test this by lifting the wheel off the ground and seeing whether it swivels without too much resistance), then maybe the stem nuts are too tight. It's also possible you have a bad caster stem bearing. Your provider should be happy to help you troubleshoot this. The last thing they want is someone stuck with a chair they hate.
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    Thx for the responses. I'm going to have the guy come back out and reprogram a few settings. Hopefully that'll help.. I'll report back soon.
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