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Thread: Kidney Stones and PCNL

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    Kidney Stones and PCNL

    Hello All,

    Quick Bio: 59 years old - C6 complete quad - 40 years post due to diving accident in 1976

    Went to see my urologist today and after looking at my kidney x-ray he said I had a stone that was too big to remove with lithotripsy. He is referring me to another specialist, but explained that I will need PCNL (Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy). He said this will involve an incision in my back, a tube coming out of that incision for 3 days of drainage, a stent for 2 weeks and a 3 day hospital stay. He said this surgery was non-negotiable, that I will eventually lose my left kidney if I don't get the stone out. With my age and 40 years of quadriplegia I am nervous and worried. Has anybody had this procedure before ? Are there any specific questions I should ask the specialist next week when I see her ?

    I have had stones before and they were taken out with lithotripsy and it was a no-brainier....went home the same day. But this sounds a lot more invasive along with a higher risk of complications. Would appreciate any comments from other's experience with PCNL.


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    Make sure you talk to your Drs.about the possibility of AD.Get a urinalysis with c&a before you enter the hospital so you can be put on the proper antibiotics.You should get 2 days of iv abx prior to surgery.I've had several of these and they went pretty well,you should be fine.The right,it has to go.The danger from leaving it in is much greater then that of the surgery.Good luck.

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    This is the most common way to treat large kidney stones. Actually most SCI stones are struvyte, which is not something you can treat with lithotrypsy. I agree with ctoom91 that you should discuss AD management and also prophylactic antibiotics both before the nephrostomy tube and stent are placed, and also when the stent is removed (which also requires cystoscopy usually).


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    I'm dealing with that now also. had procedure done in 2013 which turned into 4 surgeries. 1 put tube in my back, next day realize i needed 2 tubes, 3rd surgery to remove stone 4th surgery to go back and get couple remaining pieces out. 3 days turned into 12. I just had a ct scan last week and its back. same kidney and it's over 1 inch by 1/2 inch so here we go again. he said 3 days. yeah ok. I'm a c3-4 quad age 38 and 22 years post, i have a terrible time with anesthesia and my breathing lately i have a hard time with. I have so much tightness in my trunk area it is hard breathing with my diaphragm. th burning pain in that area is unbeatable lately then add on kidney stone pain. i'm affaid i'm going to go in the hospital and not come out. if i'm in the hospital more than 14 days throughout the year i loose my room at the nursing home. that happened 3 years ago and was in the hospital 3 months because no nursing home around would take me. good luck reaton. i'm with you. ho big is your stone?

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    Hello Bert,

    Sorry to hear about your experience with PCNL....don't think I could handle four surgeries in such a short time. My stone is 4cm which is 1.5 inches, plus I have a smaller one in the lower pole. Looks like it took three years for yours to grow back. I want to ask my Doc if there is any medication you can take to prevent this from happening again. I feel great, no pain, but always have a UTI that is never symptomatic. Good luck to you Bert.....when is your surgery scheduled ?


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    I was just in Monday having two removed. I still have one large one left that he was unable to get at it is in a very difficult place during the procedure my ureter was either poked or scratched so it made it very cloudy for the camera. I have to go in again in six weeks to have this last one removed I currently have a stent in . So far things are going very well no real pain at all. After anesthesia I usually have a day or two of chest congestion which I am dealing with now but so far able to get it all up . I'm just frustrated because I have to do this again in six weeks . I had a uUreteroscopy/ lithotripsy I was suppose to begin the procedure at 1:50 but because he take another patient first I didn't get on the table until 5pm discharged at 11:40 that evening.

    C5 28 yrs post diving .

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    i have a urolume stent in my phynster that hurts and needs to be removed as well at same time as stone removal, they are a nightmare to remove. i go tomorrow for a second opinion about the stent. should know tomorrow

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    just went to urologist, my stone is 2"x1"x0.5" it is filling my entire kidney but kidney is still functioning ok and somehow still draining urine. dr says 2 surgeries maybe 3. the main stone removal surgery i'm looking at 3 hours long. any more under anasteashisa bad things happen he said. firs words he said was it was no joke a serious stone. i do bad with anesthesia. going to do it january. i'm so nervous

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    Hang in there Bert......I am sure everything will go well for you. I see my nephrologist later this month and feel as though I am in for something similiar. Keep us updated or PM me if you want on your status, I am hoping the best for you.


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