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Thread: fes bike pads

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    I bought a large quantity of pads and found out they would not fit so I took a knife and shaved down the connector on the pad to fit the RTI. I would have to shave 12 new pads every time I needed a change which got old. I looked online for an extension wire and found this. This is a VERY weird site but I was able to push the extension wires into the RTI connector and this allows me to use any brand pad. I got 4 sets of 12cm wires for the legs and 2 sets of 50cm wires for the gluts. Now I don't have to worry if I am sitting on the big RTI connector. I may have had to shave the extension wires a little to fit the RTI but it was a one time thing.

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    i got my 3x5 oval pals pads..they fit perfect in my connectors

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