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Thread: Bladder stones

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    Bladder stones

    dear friends,

    It seems that my epididymitis is caused by continuous UTI's. I have a stone of 0.4inch(1cm) in the bladder. The strange fact is that i had an ultrasound exam in February, and they didn't see any stone. Do you have any advice for me about how to manage this thing until I can remove it?

    ps: the left testicle is still swollen. The dimensions are: 2.04/1.2" on the swollen one and 2.00/0.9" on the normal one.

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    A stone can form in just a couple of months. It needs to be removed. A bladder stone is almost always removed during a simple cystoscopy procedure. Until it is removed, it is likely to cause you repeated UTIs.

    You need an ultrasound of your testicle to rule out an abscess, which can form after a bout of epididymitis. Talk to your urologist about this.


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