Something sad happened suddenly this Friday night. One of my neighbors suffered a severe heart attack and died. Relatively young guy (mid 50's - young to me). So my wife suddenly asked me at dinner last night if I feel okay. Have I been feeling okay recently? Any tightness in my chest, etc.
I said no, I feel fine. She then proceeds to tell me about how a friend of hers who appears to have a "gift" was at the house helping her look for an old ring. She's told me about this friend a number of times and although I am severely skeptical of such things, she has come up with some very uncanny "insights".
The woman goes into my office and suddenly says that she senses that there is an aura of someone who is very ill, with pains in the chest and so on.
This office its about 16 feet away from the house where my neighbor just suffered that heart attack.
I just had a check up and was given a clean bill of health, so I'm thinking that was his aura that she was sensing.