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    Adult coloring books

    Has anyone seen the adult coloring books? They aren't R rated like they might sound but are very intricate patterns to fill in with finer pointed colored pencils as a stress reliever type of thing originally and now they seem to be spreading quickly. I have neighbors in their 70's and 80's passing around the books and pencils. Of course I had to have my coloring book too and here I sit controlling the pencil with both hands very carefully blocking in tiny little spots in very intricate mandala type patterns.

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    Go to Pinterest and search for adult coloring books or pages. You can find some to print.

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    My wife found a bunch at Costco or the Dollar store. We're giving them away with colored pencils and pencil sharpener for Xmas. Really a good deal. They're much like the old intricate posters from the late '70;s or '80's except in book form and more than one project. Looking forward to the hours and hours of umm colored doodling.

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    Amazon has lots, JoAnn Fabrics also has nice ones. I printed some free ones off the internet, to see if it would keep my interest.

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    1,018 has printed wrapped canvas prints to color.
    Sharpie colored markers...fine and regular tip work great for quads that can't press hard enough with a pencil.

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    I totally color. With paint on canvas. Same thing just different. It accesses a part of your brain that brings the good feelers out. Happy brain, better thoughts.

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    They are quite easy to find.
    I saw some good ones from Game of Thrones, if you are into that sort of thing.
    Some classical images to colour:
    And there are some geometrical and fractal colouring pages
    Enjoy !
    I think this is a very soothing activity.

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