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    Nursing Home

    I'm a c6 quad. My spinal cord is bruised I've been like this for 14 years. 2 years ago I had to a nursing home since then I have had 2 bed sores on my bottom. When I was at home I never got 1 on my own bottom and I was in my chair from 7 in the morning to 10 at night with no problems. Here at the nursing home I am in my chair from 10 in the mooring to 9:30 at night and now I have a sore on my ball sack. I do the same pressure releases that I did at home. I don't understand why this is happening. Can anyone tell me what might be causing this?

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    Different bed? When's the last time your cushion was re-evaluated?

    Unfortunately, the longer we spend in our chairs, the more your chances increase of a pressure sore. What is the home doing about it? Have they gotten you a consult?
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    since you have developed theses sores 2 years ago, how are you treating them? (creams, dressings, staying off...) Staying off your bottom as long as possible is the best solution. You should also see a wound doctor periodically to chart the progress. You should always check your skin with a family member or someone you trust. Take pictures! Are you still in the nursing home?

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    Reconstruction reread the pos. Once 1 sore heals a new 1 starts. Lynnifer everything is the same except I am sitting on a sling here..

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    You mean the sling is always in position? We were told to always remove the sling right after getting in the chair - otherwise there's something between you and the cushion.

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    I told them that but they do listen. They've got nursing degrees that means they know more than I do with living like this for over 14 years. Now they're using a crisis cross sling but they won't pull it out.

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    Have you asked to speak to the director of nurses? Is there an Ombudsman program for nursing homes in your state? Can you report this pressure ulcer to the state Dept. of Health (we can do this in CA, and the nursing home can be fined for allowing it to happen)? Can you get the physician to write and order to remove your sling after transfers? What kind of bed are you on? You most likely should not be sitting at all with a pressure ulcer like this.


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    I wish I knew who to contact to get this place investigated and have state do it. The state inspectors in this area are in they're back pocket.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrbreeze View Post
    I wish I knew who to contact to get this place investigated and have state do it. The state inspectors in this area are in they're back pocket.
    Try this:


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    I've lived in a nursing home for 6 years and my best advice is to document everything. Take pictures of your wounds daily if you can and write letter to the medical director. You have a right to this information. Here's the link to missouri dept of health

    The better you document, the more you have a case in a formal complaint. Good luck to you!

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