Fifty years ago on November26th my wife and I officially became partners. It was a time when visions of a ?New Frontier? and ?Great Society? danced in young people?s heads. Thus we began our quest to free humanity of disease and all other maladies plaguing the world. Alas, we have fallen short. But we have not given up. I am currently mentoring a couple of med students and my wife serves as a patient advocate for members of her church. We have not given up on love either. It binds us as tightly as it did 50 years ago.

We are enjoying a quiet Thanksgiving with the usual fare for dinner. Of course we will raise our glasses and give extra thanks for having had the opportunity to cruise the past 50 years together. We actually had a major combined anniversary celebration and family reunion back on July 11th. Our families wanted to celebrate with us, but we all agreed that Thanksgiving is the worst possible time to be driving and flying from all corners of the country. We picked July 11th because nothing was going on then. It worked out great because we had the city, airports, hotels, roads, etc. to ourselves. Attendance was limited to our siblings and their lineages. These are the family members who have played an active role in our lives over the years. Only two of the 40 who were invited were not able to make it. We had four generations represented. The main event was a sit-down dinner at a local party/meeting facility and everything was fabulous. The cake was chocolate with a raspberry filling and icing. We saved some in the freezer to eat today. The families presented us with a rather unique gift. It was a box of 50 Monarch butterflies ready to be released. The release was a big hit with the kids. Lol Afterward we had a photo taking session and a few hours for mingling and visiting by both sides of our families. Although that was the main event, family members began trickling in a few days before the celebration and some stayed afterward. That enabled us to visit with them in a relaxed setting. Everyone had a great time. There were not even any minor problems. The amazing thing is that this was all planned by a niece living in Denver. It probably would not have happened without the Internet. I have pasted a few photos below.

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