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Thread: Mom can't sleep so I can't sleep...

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    Mom can't sleep so I can't sleep...

    My mother is a C5-C6 SCI and in need of a different bed. She is only about 100 pounds and not able to turn herself. Here lately her hips have been hurting her so bad I'm unable to pad her comfortably so neither one of us is sleeping much at night.

    Ive been looking at low air loss mattresses or turning systems--does anyone have any words of wisdom or experience that would help?

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    There are both turning bed/mattress systems and turning LAL mattresses. Is her skin intact? What is her insurance? Turning LAL mattresses can be quite expensive (>$5,000). We use a lot of the Joerns TurnCair LAL mattress systems for our clients. I also have a few who are using the Span America TurnSelect (which is not LAL, but instead pressure reducing foam with air chambers that do the turning). These run in the neighborhood of $3500 and up.

    I recommend setting the turning frequency at every 30 minutes or less, and using the "full turn" (usually up to 40 degrees) for the most effective pressure ulcer prevention.

    Keep in mind that LAL mattress will go flat if you loose power; there are none with a battery back-up, so that may be an issue if you live in an area where there are frequent power outages.


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