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Thread: Andy: Another young black male (17 y/o) in Chicago

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    I love second shift on the holidays...helps me catch up on being a competent current events analyst (read the internet a lot, lol). Anyway, I think lynnifer might like this from her past experience:

    Seems the ambulance chasers actually demanded 16 million initially, but 5 million was determined to be the value of a inebriated radio-stealing ward of the state carrying a knife being executed by the police. Not too sure how I feel about my tax dollars paying to raise him, then my tax dollars paying for 2 detached relatives winning the ghetto lawsuit lottery (with nearly 40% going to the ambulance chasers). Just another reason to move...soon

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    Houses are cheap in Detroit.

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    The Police are so hard headed and of course trigger happy, the BS of covering up their trigger happy garbage gets most of them in more hot water that just fessing up to what actually occurred. Seems pretty easy to commit suicide by cop, so many of them so conveniently shoot and ask questions later. At least it certainly appears that way.

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