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Thread: i got a kidney stone

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    i got a kidney stone

    I had a large kidney stone removed back in 2013 and now i have another one in the same kidney. hd a ct scan yesterday and found out it is 3cm by 1.5cm. That is huge. I need to make a appointment for surgery. i is 2 procedures. 1st is surgery to put the tube in my kidney from my back and next day they go in through my back, break up the stone and remove it. i hate that it has to be two surgeries. i'm scared, but in a ton of pain. not much i can do but have it done.

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    Ouch! Good luck!

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    On Monday I will be having a ureteroscopy to have a stone removed in my right kidney. A year ago I had the same procedure you are having for a stone removal in the same kidney. Good luck to you I feel your anxiety.

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