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Thread: Help us win 50K eur for SCI cure!

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    Many thanks to everyone who liked the video. Unfortunately we came second place.

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    Dear Carecure friends,
    I would like to thank everybody who has Liked our video and everybody who helped us go so far in the "Medical Inspiration" competition. Thanks to the persons who have started this thread as well as those who have tried to keep it alive and get as many votes as possible from the Carecure community. The final and official winner was revealed today. The sudden and massive 6000-7000 extra Likes received by our competitor during the last few hours made it impossible for us to come back to score, even though we started the day in the front position. We end up second, even after including very favorable jury votes.

    There was a remark in this thread about how "stupid" this competition was: I understand this remark. Basing something as crucial as SCI research on Facebook Likes is indeed a bit strange if not shocking. For me, chasing Facebook Likes for 2 full months was not the most fun thing I had to do, but I felt I had to do it because there was 50Keuro at stake. And again, 50K euro/usd is peanuts compared to what we need to cure SCI, but it would have been a start. We also did huge work before the Facebook part of the competition. So it was not just some kind of lottery (or at least should not have been). We made a very solid application and went through 2 rounds of selection to be able to reach the finals (which included the Facebook votes for 50%, and a jury vote for the remaining 50%). This was tough work all along, starting in March 2015 already! On the positive side, it was a great opportunity for the endParalysis foundation to work with researchers and fight for a common goal. And it was a great opportunity to raise awareness for our cause. As such, that competition was good because it was both cure-driven and patient-inclusive, which does not happen so often.

    Thanks again to all of you who have supported us in this!
    PS: If you haven't done so, feel free to visit our website and to Like our Facebook page:

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