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Thread: Standing frames, who has a homemade one? Please help me on this

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    Standing frames, who has a homemade one? Please help me on this

    So, I've been trying the evolv glider frame, today was try #3. I like it, I see great benefits. My wife helping me transfer in and out of it the first time was pretty good, the next two times not the best. Anyway, I have a pullup bar that is secured between two posts, I go in spurts of using it, I can't use it unattended like I can the evolv glider. With the glider it seems that one thing that surprisingly keeps me secure is the knee supports that velcro around and keep me secure. When you make your own standing frame do you make something similar to those? I was thinking with my pullup bar if I could figure out how / where to attach knee supports securely that I could use when standing it just might work. In the glider I drop the seat and practice squats safely, maybe I could do this safely with my pullup bar from my chair with proper knee supports. I like the glider and the possibilities but the price is high, which could be worth it. I'm struggling with deciding whether I should try to buy it or not. Feedback please and thoughts on trying to set up secure knee supports for standing and squatting safely at my pullup bar. Thank you!

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    You could try this for your knees :

    Not sure if you can get close enough to it with your chair

    Eric Harness, CSCS
    Neuro Ex, Inc
    Adaptive Performance and Neuro Recovery

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