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Thread: Rotating Mattress troubles.

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    Rotating Mattress troubles.

    First a little background info. I am a C4-5 quad and have been on an air-mattress for 16 years. For many years I've been using the Invacare Turn-Q mattress but Invacare discontinued making replacement parts. So I bought the Invacare Microair Lateral Rotation MA95Z. Now every time I try the MA95Z I wake up around 4 a.m. burning up with a fever above 99 degrees. I've had the motor replaced and still wake up with a fever. I am frustrated and don't know what to do. Is there another mattress that "breathes" better? Has any one else had this issue with the MA95Z? Thanks in advanced.

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    You sure it's a mattress problem? I'm only using since my injury 8 years ago, but never causes me fever. I dont think there's any way it can cause you fever unless you never clean the sheet. Probably you caught MRSA and your body fluid is still on that mattress?
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    Is your blood pressure high when you wake up from this heat?

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