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Thread: STD and parents

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    Quote Originally Posted by quad.michael View Post
    There are explicit tests for STD or those bacteria will appear as the other ones?
    Yes, there are specific tests for STDs. Some (gonorrhea and chlamydia for example) can be performed on urine, but will not show up on a routine UA and culture, you will need to request them specifically. Others (syphilis, HIV, Hep B/C) require a blood draw, but generally wouldn't be causes of epididymitis... though it's probably worth getting checked.

    I'm a little surprised you think you would be able to provide a urine sample to a private laboratory without your parents finding out, but yet cannot arrange to talk to your doctor alone... Seems much more complicated to me, though I guess I don't know your entire situation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Le Todd View Post
    No, but it can detect infection. For example, atypical amount of white blood cells. I once received a notification that scared me after having a urinalysis done, only to realize it's a form notice letting one know that infection that shows up in a culture can possibly be an STD.
    White blood cells are not specific for anything. Whether or not WBC were found on UA would not change the course of action. For example, if WBCs were present he might have a UTI or an STI and would need specific testing for STI. If there were no WBC that does not rule out STI, so he would still need specific testing for gonorrhea and chlamydia which could still be causing his testicular symptoms without directly involving the urinary tract. WBC are just a sign of infection (any infection).

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    Quote Originally Posted by quad.michael View Post
    I can send urine samples to a private laboratory without asking my urologist for approval as long I pay from my pocket. Now I'm on the 10th day under levofloxacin 500mg, 1 per day. Also I'm on the 3rd day under cefixine 200mg twice per day. The urologist prescribed them.

    So the main question remains. If I'm under antibiotics, urine tests are relevant?
    Cefixime (which I think is what you meant to type) is actually one of the treatments for gonorrhea, though it is no longer first line in the United States and there is some (small) chance of resistance so if you did have gonorrhea, you may have cleared it already, but it would be worth getting checked out if you are symptomatic. Similarly, levofloxacin is like a 3rd or 4th line agent for treating Chlamydia. So your concerns are valid, you might end up clearing the infection from your urine, but having it be more persistent in your testicle.

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    Ty guys for your valuable replys. I'll tell to my urologist about my assumptions ( even in the present of my parents) in order to get the proper tests and treatment. I care about them, but a STD might scare and disappoint for sure. I didn't had many partners and the idea of having a STD makes me very fearful. Having any of the two bacteria above will drive me to get tested for the other ones too.

    @funklab: TY for your detailed reply and congrats for your education.

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    I got the UA and culture results. I didn't ask for STI specific tests so they didn't appear but Pseudomonas spp did and it is resistant to many antibiotics but sensitive to those: aztreonam, colistin, piperacillin, piperacillin + tazobactam.

    The thing is that my Pseudomonas spp is resistant to levofloxacin and 7 other antibiotics. Urologist told me to take levofloxacin for 14 day but medical doctor told me to stop and rely only on cefixime until the urologist sees me.
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    Suprax is oral but the rest of those medications require IV infusion. A provider could order it through a home care agency or you going into an infusion center. or follow-up with the urologist as suggested.


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    @pbr: ty for your reply. I have 7days of cefixime 200mg twice a day. I can get someone for IV as long I get the prescription for it. Unfortunately I can't see the urologist until 25 Nov.

    I'm still worried that that leaking that I had can be a STI and not just UTI. I find out that the lab is using Uricult Plus system for urine analysis. This makes me think that STI can't be detected by default.
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