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Thread: Iincreasing spasticty

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    Iincreasing spasticty

    Hello! My question is, it common for spasticity,in the form of muscle stiffness,to develope years after injury date? Could really use some insight on this.Had mri done,doctor said unchanged from preveuse image in 6/12/14,I do have a pitch nerve in c6 c7 mild emproachment docter said would have no affect on my legs.


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    Spasticity can increase with infection, bowel issues and pain. But it can also change over time. Have you tried Tizanadine?CWO

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    No I haven't. I do take baclophen 60mg aday.I have very little feeling in legs so pain could go un notice!maybe.but this has been going on for a year.I can walk its like the more I try to stretch or walk it out no luck it my seem to get worse

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