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Thread: Spinal Cord Injury Research and Advocacy

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    In addition to the Spinal Cord Injury Research and Advocacy Blog that can be accessed at Wordpress with links to Twitter and LinkedIn or automatic emails, I've now made the information posts available at Facebook. The automated page that downloads onto the Community Facebook page is called: "Spinal Cord Injury Research and Science".
    The facebook page can also be accessed directly from the blog at wordpress on the right bottom of the page.

    Wordpress site:

    Twitter site: SCI Research @ChristalPowell

    Facebook: Spinal Cord Injury Research and Science

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    Quote Originally Posted by tomsonite View Post
    From now to Christmas, there are daily posts scheduled on the blog and Facebook containing abstracts ranging from A-Z subject matter concerning SCI from the Society for Neuroscience Conference held in Chicago last month.

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    Sorry everyone, I got busy with biotech stem cell reports over the past few days. The daily blog posts showing experiment results at SfN will resume tomorrow.

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    I added a few posts from the Asilomar 2015 ISNR conference in Pacific Grove, CA.

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