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Thread: Constipation is getting me down

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    Constipation is getting me down

    My constipation is getting worse now. My bowel routine is every other day. I'm probably having one good result every two weeks, the rest are very poor or non-existent. I'm in a great deal of pain in the abdominal area, mainly on bowel days. I open my bowels on Sunday and it was a fair result, not brilliant. Today was another bowel day and absolutely nothing. I suppose I been having bowel problems for at least two years, if not more. The suppositories are working most of the time, but I'm just not producing enough. A lot of the time and producing very solid and hard stools which then slowly get softer and softer and I can often end up with very watery stuff coming out until it is finished. A friend of mine has had a colostomy fitted and absolutely loves that. Another friend is having one done as well soon so I am seriously thinking about going down the same route.

    My diet is very good. I drink plenty as well. I have prunes and apricots every day, as well as an apple or a banana. Breakfast normally consists of either porridge or Weetabix. I don't think my lack of fibre is the problem. In fact I think I could possibly make things worse by increasing fibre. Honestly, it's really getting to me now.

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    I was having the same problem with constipation and having problems with my bowels not emptying out. I actually was so backed up that I had an abdominal x-ray and the stool was backed all the way into my small intestines. I was admitted to the hospital because of other problems I was having and they tried everything possible to get it moving. The Gastrologist ordered a colonoscopy cleanse which I did and still was not cleaned out. I am home now and am finally getting myself back on track. I have a prescription for Linzess and have been using that. It seems to help me and I have had some really good bowel programs because of it and am going to use it from now on. The Doctor wants me to take it everyday but I have not decided if that is right for me.

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    What stool softener are you on? You need to titrate upward to highest dose- i.e. Colace 500 twice a day. Have you tried Eneemeez? You might need to start with a bowel clean out with a strong laxative and fleets enema.

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    I've been dealing with similar symptoms. I feel like I can never get a straight answer from the doctors. It's try this, or try this, or try this. Lot of vague double-talk and suggestions that just get you out of their office for a while. They really just suggest colostomy.

    What I feel like the doctors mainly don't understand is that it's not just that I can take something. Because of loss of sensation, if it works just a bit faster than expected, there would be an accident. And I also can't manage one of these very long protocols because I can't just do this any time, I can't be up that long and the program as is is exhausting.

    I've pretty much given up. I feel like I've managed to overcome or live with a lot of problems of SCI, but I can't solve this one. Spending probably six to seven hours a day just trying to prepare for, manage, clean up after, and rest after, the bowel program.

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    Chinese food usually works for me

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    Enemeez works in 10 to 25 minutes for most.

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    When I have trouble going I take Miralax daily until I become regular again.

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    Have SO been on this road off & on, so much to say on the topic, I will start though with my best suggestions/tips

    1. Try Peristeen/lower bowel irrigation - This was a big game changer for me, HUGE, I am convinced it should be the standard of care in rehab, dig stim & suppositories held as secondary

    2. A GOOD probiotic (pill form) - try something in the BILLIONS of cultures, can be expensive though but a months supply will let you know if it works, I am a true believer that the paralyzed gut gets easily deregulated on bacteria

    3. Chia seeds - the night before my BP, i drink a Chia based drink along with 4 Pericolace/Senokot (available here in the US, get at Target, suggest Naked Juice sweet chia peach, or Mama Chia brand drinks), chia seeds for ME really add 'propellant' and motility to my often sleepy/slow bowels

    I am TIRED of going to GP's/physiatrists, reporting constipation, and someone saying "are you eating right? You know you need to up your fiber. Are you drinking enough water?", this needs to STOP on some levels, yes its true that these 3 things can be a major issue in constipation, and I understand it is important to check, but dont dwell on it & make me the lazy non water drinking starch addict no matter what, in all honesty the medical community needs to be more respectful of how a de-regulated autonomic nervous system causes random neurological spikes in reduced motility, our damaged nervous systems have such an irregular start/stop unpredictable pattern when it comes to the bowel, about as consistent as a solar flare IMO. SOMETIMES IT JUST SLOWS DOWN, ALMOST STOPS AND ITS HARD, please support us on that more

    Also I am convinced we are all individuals, one cure might work for someone, and plug the next guy/gal right up, fiber supplementation for instance, for ME it is a binder and actually constipates ultimately, for others it is a game changer. We are INDIVIDUALS, and damaged nervous systems make no two people alike IMO

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    Thank you for the advice guys. Unfortunately some of the medications you have mentioned don't appear to be available here in the UK. However, I have got something called Laxido which I am going to take. I've already taken one sashay this morning, I'll take another one this evening and see how things get on tomorrow.

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    learn how to make miso soup. you won't have much problems with pooping or peeing. its fermented bean paste that you use as a soup base.

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