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Thread: Need information about cervical syrinx ?????

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    Need information about cervical syrinx ?????

    Last year in a transport van my chair was not strap correct and a incident happen which the chair fell back. The neck and shoulder in a motion jerk back pretty hard. I thought nothing but my arm and neck became a problem after a few fall MRI showed cervical syrinx pretty thick and the neurologist surgeon seems way concern telling me to bring a family if I proceed with the surgery. He sent for a MRI on my injury area T7 I guess to see how long is the syrinx. Am very lost in this matter with questions if anyone knows about this being a T7 but why is it that syrinx is on my neck.??? Friday I go see the surgeon to evaluate the recent MRI from my t7 I believe to see how long is the syrinx. Thank you for sharing... Sammy
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    Related to your T7 injury unless you had an injury in that area also. Is it causing you problems or is the T7 area more affected. CWO

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    Good luck... If you want a second opinion....

    James Harrop, MD
    Thomas Jefferson Hospital
    Philadelphia, PA

    He also sees patients in Voorhees, NJ. One of his specialties is syrinx. I saw him in the past and felt he was very competent.

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    When I felt backward coming from a appointment in a transport van the next day is when I start feeling pain from my left side neck to by bicep. I when to a orthopedic who order a MRI and notice the syrinx. Never had a problem with my neck until the MVA recently Nov/2014. Friday I will see what the neurosurgeon has to say about the MRI on the T7 level.
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    Sammy, these things might not be related. Your neck and arm pain could be coming from a soft tissue injury (whiplash) caused by the accident - the syrinx might have already been there, without causing symptoms, for some time. I hope your neurosurgeon has experience with spinal cord issues, especially syrinx - getting a second opinion is a good idea. I'm sorry this happened to you!
    MS with cervical and thoracic cord lesions

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    Is Syrinx a common issue with paraplegic? My Syrinx goes from my T7 up to cervical. It's pretty fill with liquid up to the bottom area of the cervical. The neurosurgeon I feel has the best interest for me and explain how the surgery will be like. Incensation to the injury area and drain the liquid into my lungs only if my x-ray looks good in the chest area. He explain that once drain the spinal cord will be like a soggy balloon and depend what happens he hope it goes well. He said the spine behave unpredictable but he has also said my arm strength as well overall I have good mobility and I can be check on from every 5 months to see if the Syrinx is growing and from there the decision is mines. If anyone ever been through this it would be helpful and encouraging to understand the effects as well if this Syrinx is a serious predicament. Hope to hear from people soon. God bless! Sammy
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    Hi Sammy,
    I had a syrinx form many years after my accident in 1980 it had been there for awhile but started causing problems with my right arm and hand (numbness)
    MRI showed the syrinx went from c2 to t2 and looked like a pencil sharpened at both ends.
    First my surgeon decided to drain it with a needle but it sealed the needle hole and filled back up.
    So I had to have surgery to have a shunt put in which would drain the fluid back into the subaracnoid space below the bottom end of the syrinx.
    All went really well and I had no problems with surgery and the numbness caused by the syrinx crushing nerves went away.

    Seems very odd to me that the fluid is going to drain into your lungs !
    Mine is constantly draining back into my spinal column.

    Good luck with your appointment
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    Thanks for sharing your experience... Gave me a sense of calm.. God bless.
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