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Thread: Nustep, has anyone used this?

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    Great to hear cwa! Hlh, my goals, honestly I can't put them into words at the moment. I'm an incomplete quad reliant on a wheelchair for many years, I accept that. But my limbs work, I started walking when Dr's said never, my right side is strongest but my left side works and I try to work on it the same as my right. With help I can get in my walker and walk. My legs work, I can do squats, but am trying to figure out a safe way to effectively practice them and build that strength in my legs. Even Though I'm reliant on a wheelchair I know that I have the ability to do squats and build strength, I know that if I do that exercise properly and consistently it will carry over to me sitting and standing with little to no assistance. That is just one thing I have the ability / potential to do, there are others. I know if I can figure out and do effectively and consistently a handful of most useful exercise routines that it will make an unimaginable difference to my functionality and what I can do. I will always have a spinal cord injury but I will always know that I have this potential and I must not just let it go to waste. My goals, maybe to find a way to utilize the potential that I have. I'd say one simple one would be the ability to sit to stand, not because I just want to but because I have the ability to. That alterg looks very interesting, the closest nova facility is 80 miles from here. I did find a rehab place two hours from here with a nustep, maybe they will let me try it. I will keep walking, the thing is if I set a goal for a thousand steps, I could do it, but all of my focus would be on getting there and there would be no time or energy for my complete body work. I need arm and leg and core work and walking, I keep walking but I try not to lose the big picture. Thank you for listening and for your feedback.

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    I think you have a great outlook and have a lot to work with.

    Just curious - how often do you go back and do another month or two of PT/OT? If you have a place near you or a therapist you've worked with before that you like, it's always great to go back for a tune up. Especially great when you are motivated and have new things you want to work on.

    For doing squats, some people have built parallel bars themselves out of stuff you can get at Home Depot. My Dad just installed a couple of railings in his upstairs hallway. He can hang onto those to stabilize himself. But he finds squats incredibly hard to do safely. The best place is probably the pool. My Dad loves the pool, but it just isn't so practical for him, as there isn't an accessible one close by and he needs quite a bit of assistance to get in/out. But it is wonderful.

    I wish you well. Keep trying harder!

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    I haven't had therapy in a bit. I tried a therapist in the town I live in the main therapist was used to sports injuries and little things. He had no interest in my ideas. I asked him about sitting on a exercise ball and he said that would be too risky for me to try. I went home and did it. Honestly I think many "professionals" can't see past the wheelchair. After my experience there I kind of accepted that for the time being I have to do my best without relying on a professional, no offence to anyone. Several years before then I got to spend a few weeks at two different programs. One PT said I was nowhere near where I could be. A assistant said he hated to see me go, he believed I was one of those people who could walk out of there. Life goes on and years pass by but I still know the ability is there.

    I would like to find a good instruction on building simple secure parallel bars. I believe simply, standing, and sitting would do wonders for me. There's so many things I think of that would help me, like the pool, but sadly like you say the practical part just wouldn't work out. So I'm trying to find little ways to work on big things.

    I think nustep looks like the best equipment of it's kind, but also came across and

    This $70 stepper isn't comparable but if the arms were connected and helped the stepping it could be done from a chair and a great thing to have: Does anone know of anything like this that helps moves the stepping with the arms?

    I'm thinking of the nustep but appreciate all the feedback. I do get to walk a little after work. But when you sit in a wheelchair all day it seems like something like the nustep would make a great difference. Does anyone think there's any equipment better than the nustep for a full body workout with little to no assistance?

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    I have a Nustep as well, and use it often very nice, One other piece of equipment I have seen but have not tried, heard good things though, is the Easy stand evlov glider, I am hoping to add it to my little home PT one day, you might want to look at that too

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    I also have a Nustep at home. It is a very important part of my exercise program.

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    Great to hear the feedback! What if you knew you couldn't use your nustep, how would you feel? What are you guys injury levels? I have limited trunk control but think with the seat and arm rests I can use it. Thoughts? I'm thinking if I could use a nustep regularly there would be a few exercises I could cut out and focus on other things. The easy sand glider looks good, do you know if there's one that might actually allow your limbs to move in and elliptical type movement? The nustep is important, please share other equipment and exercise routines that are important to you.

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    I see there is one! wow, this, this might be something amazing

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    Ok, out of the nustep and the glider, which do you think is most beneficial, do you think the glider allows your limbs to move as fully as the nustep. Yes the standing is great, but which would carry over the most benefits? Both would be great, if you had to start with one, which would it be?

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