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    What's the issue at stake.
    Chair Parenting skills ?
    Financial needs?
    Dispute over child custody?
    School transportation?
    Parent Disability?
    More News coverage due to poor viewer ratings?

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    My daughter was two weeks old when I was injured. By the time she was old enough to walk, she was riding in my lap. I use a manual chair. At first, I made up a velcro strap to help hold her in place, but it wasn't long before I realized she didn't really need it. She would just balance herself and grab on to me when she needed. It became second nature for her, like walking. I could take her anywhere--in stores, parking lots, school hallways, in the grass, just about anywhere walkers could walk. If she needed to get off suddenly, for any reason, she would just slid off and land on her feet. Really, it wasn't any more dangerous than walking by herself.

    How many times have you seen people fall while walking? How about while carrying an child, especially an infant? Or riding a child on the back of a bicycle? Yeah, some silly government agency could use the logic in this video to ban parents from carrying their child while walking or biking. How about banning walking altogether as too dangerous?

    Bottom line, I rode my daughter around for years with her in my lap, and she was happy. No one ever gave me crap about it. Why not with a power chair? That's probably more stable and safer. Christina Ormerod's ex-husband is a bully and family services in her area are enablers of that bullying.

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    I guess who claims the girl walking beside her is more dangerous? What about public transportation for the mother and child or a school bus for the child? Quite frankly if the father is the one being a jerk about it, who says his method of getting her to school is any safer? Figures can lie and liars can figure.
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    The whole thing is ludicrous. It is her kid, if she feels it is safe for her child to ride like that should be her decision. When I could walk I would frequently put my kid on my shoulders and walk in crowded parking lots. I fail to see any difference between the two acts except for blatent discrimination.

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