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Thread: Need general advice on how to make it easiest to transfer into sedan w/ manual chair

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    This looks like a very good option. But I noticed that mazda is unfortunately planning to discontinue this model after 2015.
    This shouldn't really deter anyone. Can still be found new at dealers now until inventory is gone, and good used ones will be around for at least 5 or so years. I bought my 2006 model in 2013 and have put 35k miles on it since. No issues.

    Back to original poster, has any info in this thread been helpful?

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    I think most cars would work. some work better than others. I think the most important is that you will have to adapt to whatever you get. My first car after my accident was an Infiniti i35. it was a great car for people like us. all the power (memory power seat, mirror, etch.) did make my life a little easier. Also, the i35 hood has gas struts. All I had to do was pop the hood and lightly lift it up and the struts would do the rest. Now, I have a Subaru outback. its's much higher than the i35, which makes disassembling the chair a little more difficult. interior and trunk space are also smaller than the i35. no memory seat, so I have to adjust the seat every time I get in and out of the car. The hood doesn't have struts so I can't open the hood to jump battery or check fluids. little things like that make a big different on wear and tear on our shoulders.
    If I have to buy another car I would go out and rent the car I'm looking to buy for a few days to see if I can adapt to it.
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    I'm a T4,5,6 incomplete with rods and I drive a 3 series BMW sedan and I use a Tilite TR3. I put the wheels in the backseat on the passenger side and the rest of my chair goes in the front passenger seat setting just like you would be setting in it.

    BMW makes AWD sedan cars as well.
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