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Thread: Exoskeletons Could One Day Help Paralyzed People Climb And Turn

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    Exoskeletons Could One Day Help Paralyzed People Climb And Turn

    Swiss sensory motor scientists are hoping to inspire a new generation of more flexible, less constraining, powered exoskeletons that improve the lives of the severely disabled and paralyzed

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    Garbage that hardly helps a high quad with quality of life , gaining independence and freedom regaining more important functions, and keeping ourselves dignified exoskeletons do none of that. Anyways by the time they're actually worth their weight we will have better options for example example of the epidural stimulator, exoskeleton at best will be for rehabilitation after a proper treatment

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    Worst case is they are good for exercise and stretching out your legs.

    I wish they would combine them with estim to make our muscles do some of the work.

    One day they'll combine the parawalker with an exoskeleton .

    Having an able bodied person demonstrate the machine is a bit of joke. Lets see the machine deal with some muscles that fight back against the machine.

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