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    I have a dumb question why are there not gas power I am moving to beach looking at track chairs but I am scared to death of running out of power plus be limited to several miles
    Wondered about that myself. They are out here but you have to look, and they are not inexpensive. I consider the best ones are homemade, altho there is at least one conversion kit out there. Check here and you will likely find one you like. A number would be very simple to make, especially the little power puller. isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwii3oSss8TKAhVBLSYKHXwxBrsQ_AU IBygC#imgrc=_

    Looked up, a couple are homemade gas-powered, the third is commercial and electric, but plenty easy to make a gas version. I'd make one with large tires just for the beach ang such.
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