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Yeah, MS progression is a bummer. Thankfully, compared to many, mine is fairly slow. I don't need EMC controls yet, but I want to stay ahead of it.

Joe, do you drive it freeway speeds with yours? How is it?

I purchased the van in mid August but I'm still working through getting everything reconfigured for my needs. I've only driven a few miles right around my house and the surrounding neighborhood. So far I have yet to exceed 30 mph or get on anything more demanding than arterial streets. The vast majority has been very mild, quiet residential streets.

I think everyone, with both spinal cord injury and MS, are very individual in their strength, function, spasticity, etc. For me, I have the strength and function to operate the controls but my spasticity and muscle tone really get in the way, especially when I get tense. My steering arm can essentially lock up when I'm tense but when I'm relaxed it moves quite freely. Early morning is also worse than later in the day.

Just to confirm, when you say driving at higher speeds is squirrelly do you mean that the controls seem loose/inaccurate or that your body function makes it feel squarely to you?

Like the others, I would definitely recommend more practice. In preparation for driving this van, I switched my wheelchair joystick from the left side to the right side. I was left-handed before my accident and I still have better function with my left hand. When I first made the switch to right-handed wheelchair driving it did feel pretty "squirrelly" but now a couple of weeks later I hardly notice the difference.

Good luck.