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Thread: what does insurance cost roughly?

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    what does insurance cost roughly?

    so i'm a high quad, no arm or hand function currently and I have insurance through my employer. I have worked there from home for 16 years. My insurance pays for my 3 meds, catheters, power wheelchair, doc visits and any family visits. I have a wife and 2 young sons. i'm just kicking around the idea of going out on my own. Was just curious what insurance would cost monthly to have the same coverage? Any one have any experience with this?

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    Go to these websites and figure out what it would cost for you and your family. You may get a subsidy to help pay for the premiums based on your projected income.

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    Depends on alot of factors. For instance what location you are in, what coverages you currently have, and which company you are currently with and also which company you want to be with. Is it for just you or the whole family?
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    Check the deductible ( amount you have to pay out of pocket before insurance pays for anything ). Those tend to be higher with individual plans. Also check prior threads on CareCure about non-coverage of catheters if you are considering coverage by United Healthcare.

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    Just a comment: I've found that less is covered since my retirement and qualifying for SS and Medicare. If you left employment, you would get automatic SSDI then wait 2 years for Medicare. However, unless things have changed, you would still be able to have employment earnings up to a certain amount and still be on SSDI. You might look into negotiating part time work with the employer, and hanging onto their insurance as long as possible. With this scenario, once Medicare kicked in, the employer insurance would probably change or stop.
    Also, in my early years of employment I was offered 'Long Term Disability Insurance' and I said no as I didn't want to pay the premium at that time. After retirement I got a letter to retirees to offer LTD - this time I filled out the application, only to find on page 2 "if you are in a wheelchair do not proceed further" will not be eligible for this insurance.
    Thus, for any of you out there who are employed and have a chance to get LTD (it's often automatic, with no application when you are an employee)....get it!!
    I'm pretty sure you would get the payment benefits in 'disability retirement', in addition to SSDI, as it's a paid insurance.
    Don't know if this helps but check all the angles and hope you find what works best for you and your family.

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