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Thread: Let's just imagine...

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    I would want to go running.

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    I get up the first morning before sunrise and go for a walk on the beach with Amy. Explore the tidal pools along the way and then after the 2 mile walk come back and have coffee on the mound. And talk about all the possibilities.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JamesMcM View Post
    So say The day has come all spinal cord injuries are fully repairable. Chronic injuries no problem they fix the spinal cord up, hook ya up like Neo in the Matrix zap your muscles alive lol. Pump you full of proteins, calories, enzymes, stem cells whatever! Send you out the door... We're talking healthy body mass, healthy functioning muscles, no problems with the joints, no contractors, no osteoporosis, no catheters, Fingers twiddling, lungs pumping! bladder holds urine in no problem, bowels ready to go., Sensory function all the way up, sensation just beautiful your , one hundo!! We are talking in Looney Tunes right now I know. But just imagine.

    What's on day one? What do you think your first initial reaction would be??
    like in the movie Avatar, i'm running out the door, sinking my feet into the soil and taking it all in.

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