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Thread: Had yearly cystoscope...weird situation

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    Had yearly cystoscope...weird situation I had my yearly GU exam (with cystoscope) last Friday. Gave a urine culture beforehand per usual and was prescribed Bactrim. Then Tuesday (while still on Bactrim), I had an on and off fever....still have it today (Thursday)....I stopped taking the Bactrim yesterday.

    It "feels" like my usual MO for a bladder infection (I don't get them too often). But how in the hell could I have contracted a uti while on Bactrim for my test? I've really never been prescribed Bactrim before (always Cipro). But, I'm assuming the urine sample I gave 10 days prior to my GU said to put me on Bactrim before my exam instead of Cipro.

    Now, do I

    A) Take some 4 month old Cipro that I have stashed away in my freezer...assuming that the cystoscope gave me a bacterial infection that the Bactrim didn't kill....and let the Cipro try to kill it.

    B) Go give ANOTHER urine sample tomorrow at Med Express or wherever and see what the culture states.


    C) Take the Cipro AND go to Med Express and give a urine sample.


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    B) Is the best way to do it, the Bactrim should be out of your system, always best to provide a sample that doesn't have any antibiotics in it so they can get a clear picture of what drugs the bacteria is sensitive to.

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    Take a sample to the doctor BEFORE you start on any other antibiotics and also wait for the culture and sensitivity to come back to make sure that is the right one.
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    Freezing that Cipro probably reduced or destroyed its effectiveness. Ordinarily antibiotics should be stored in the 50-90 F range. If stored under proper conditions Cipro has a shelf life of about 5 years.
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