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    So I really didn't think I'd have to deal with this problem, but sadly now I do! I shower every Other day, when it's finally time to shower I notice that my groin area smells terrible, like bad. There is redness and what looks like a yeast infection but even then we clear that up there still seems to be a lingering smell. It is disgusting I despise it and I have no idea what to do about it... Any help is Greatly appreciated
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    From us swampy climate dwellers:

    - For fungal infection and inflammation Mr2 uses a steroid and anti fungal combination called Lotrisone ( Clotrimazole + Betamethasone Dipropionate 1/0.05 %) twice daily.
    - For that "not so fresh smell" - a light sprinkling of Gold Bond powder

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    So it could be a fungal infection, is that the same thing as a yeast infection (i'm assuming) because my nurse said that a yeast infection shouldn't smell. Because to be honest this is a really really strong smell it's awful. Like I used alcohol down there bad. I Do have something for the red rash no idea what it's called but it works. I've never used baby powder until this started, and nowI'am afraid that it might make matters worse. I've been in the chair for over three years and this smell just started this month, never had anything like it!! same shower schedule whole time. This is not a common thing even for us chair bound people. Could hair removal cream be the culprit, I wash that stuff off very well though, don't leave it on too long I'm careful it would have to be a lasting effect, I would think. I may have solved it, but I just want to be prepared because I don't want it coming back.

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    Re: "Could hair removal cream be the culprit, I wash that stuff off very well though, don't leave it on too long I'm careful it would have to be a lasting effect'

    Hair removal lotions contain Thioglycolate which dissolves the proteins in hair and, in doing so, release a strong sulfur smell. It can also cause skin irritation. I don't think those products are meant for use down under.
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    I have a standing fan next to my bed. After showering I dry thoroughly before getting dressed.

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    In my 20 yrs in chair, this has happened several times. When it goes un-treated it does get yuckky!
    As Mr2 says, Clotrimazole + Betamethasone Dipropionate 1/0.05 %, or plain Clotrimazole works.
    Also, Nystatin +Triamcinolone is quite effective and may be more biased towards yeast infections.
    Once treated with these anti-fungals, the situation resolves quite quickly.
    Google is your friend-look em' up. (I am not a doctor!)

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    are you sweating a lot? it might be good to wear thicker absorbent underwear, and don't use baby powder. it has cornstarch and yeast likes it. Gold bond is medicated. that is good to use after the yeast gets treated to encourage dryness. you should be eating yogurt. if you can't stand yogurt drink acidophilus milk or take it in capsules. acidolphilus is a good bacteria that keeps yeast from taking over.

    and it does stink. really stinks. if you are really really sweating down there maybe you can consider a bikers shammy. that is a pad that fits into bikers shorts to absorb sweat. though it might not be good to have your nuts squished up in biker shorts all the time, so also consider exposing yourself to air for a couple hourse a day while it is healing. you have to dry yourself very well after bathing, and change into dry clothes a couple times a day if you sweat a lot. bathing too often will wash off good bacteria too. every other day bathing should be ok. I don't know if soaps contribute to yeast growth but there are soaps that discourage yeast growth.

    Are you malnourished? if you are, you have a much higher chance of getting a different kind of fungal infection. it stinks too, and would also love sweaty airless dark area's. it's usually called jock itch. it's ring worm and may need a different cream or powder to treat it. if it is ringworm you can tell for sure by shining a black light on the area. it will fluoresce, or glow a bright green. if you have jock itch you can just powder the area with Tinactin powder, and then when it's healed you can use the gold bond to absorb moister and as a preventative.

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    the soap is called Defense soap. you can get it at drug stores or on Amazon. it lasts a long time, and it works for area's that stay moist from sweating.

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    Ry has only has this problem when he was on antibiotics, a true yeast infection. We treated it and it got better. Since then, he only goes commando and sleeps nude. This allows for ventilation and he has had no issues since and has done antibiotics. Then again, he only wears shorts-rarely long pants and only if it is really cold outside.--eak
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    My legs are very atrophied and I use a leg bag so shorts are just not pleasing to the eyes at all. I do go commando but on days where I'm not doing much. Getting in new clothes a couple times a day is not an option, and neither is standing and letting it air out, I sit for at least 12 hours a day I cannot get out myself. I was under the impression that I can't sweat below my injury, but lately we've been noticing sweat, I just don't know why this has come about all of a sudden. I did treat a kidney infection not too long ago with antibiotics, had to be at least a month and abit since tho.

    My Nutrition is almost impeccable, sadly I cannot cook my own dinner so often times I have to eat out because my mom's not a cook!! Other than dinner I eat natural yogurt with fresh berries and oats in the morning. And I have a huge nutri bullet smoothie Brazil nuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds, broccoli, kale, avocado, tomatoes, asparagus, vitamineral earth and green, Black beans, kidney beans all raw, all organic unless out of season.

    With SCI you can't eat like shit or you'll just exasperate thev inevitable decay of your body which means terrible spasms, constant infections, brittle bones etc all of us should eat well, but with paralysis you don't really have a luxury to have the option, especially with higher injuries.

    I will have to look into these prescriptions if this does not stop, thank you for providing them. Didn't know baby powder could also be a culbrit thanks for the gold Bond advice. And I found that curious that yogurt, yogurt pills etc. can be helpful for the situation, probiotics are a wonderful thing, I suggest we all should get an abundance or them, especially with bowel problems. Normally the trouble a change in diet, (especially with lots of probiotics) causes at first are temporary

    Can The immune system protect the body from extrinsic bacteria? Looking at the question it seems dumb, and I'm most certain that answer is yes, but I just don't know exactly if it does or not.
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