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Thread: Random loss of Hand function ??? Anyone else experienced this before?

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    Random loss of Hand function ??? Anyone else experienced this before?

    My husband is a C6/7 , with semi-good function in his right hand, and no function in his left. He woke up about 5 days ago with barely any function in his good hand. He often falls asleep in his wheel chair, and had that night as well. I assume it has something to do with leaning on his arm or elbow for too long, since his body reacts to things so -strangely- sometimes.. I figured it would come back around that day, but it hasn't yet...
    Just wondering if anyone has ever experienced this before, or if anyone has any other theories about why this could be happening? As you can imagine, its pretty creepy. He does pretty well with what he has, but now he can't open a medicine bottle, get a drink, cath, etc. IT SUCKS! I was thinking of breaking out the NMES and maybe zapping it for awhile to see if that gets something going..

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    Has he been scanned for a syrinx recently? I (C6/C7) have one that's not causing problems, but I'm told that a loss of sensation or function coould be a symptom of syrinx growth.

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    yes if he is like me I support myself on my elbows mostly my left and have lost some sensation in fingers. If I change my sitting habits it returns after a few days.

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    If he is still experiencing this, please call your doctor. It could be from leaning, but it also could be from a syrinx.

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    I went through this awhile back.

    After the tests it was confirmed nerve compression or entrapment in my elbow from leaning. Suggested surgery but i can't go through that. I have some return but not fully and my hand feels more numb than before.

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    Tests would be needed to determine if this was due to a peripheral nerve problem (most likely compression), which would require an EMG, or due to root compression problems (SSEP and/or MRI) or due to something like a syrinx (MRI). He needs to be seen by either his SCI physiatrist or a good neurologist who can determine the cause of the problem first, and then, if surgery is needed, refer to the appropriate neurosurgeon.


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    Right KLD..

    I was going through my neurologist at that time. He ran all the tests and i did get an mri first also.

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    If it were me though, i would put syrinx on the back burner. I wouldn't think that as my first resort.

    Just sayin'....

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