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Thread: Lasher Sports BT-Beach wheelchair

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    Lasher Sports BT-Beach wheelchair

    Has anyone used the BT Beach Wheelchair from Lasher Sports? Below is a link to their site and below that is a search I did on this site and could not find any reviews. I called the company (they are located in Las Vegas) and they do not have any soft sand areas where someone could test their product but they were adamant that the BT wheelchair can handle any type of sand. Just curious to hear any feedback.

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    Like any manual wheelchair, you need fairly to very strong arms and shoulders, to operate one of those beach wheelchairs.

    Unfortunately both of my shoulders are destroyed, the solutions to my problems would make the use of these manual beach wheelchairs would be far less likely than they are now.

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    I have an eagle sport beach chair-- they make it custom to you and are way way cheaper-- Mine has the larger beach buggy front tires- I posted videos of me on the beach-- its perfect- can roll up and down and take long walks with my gf-- its much harder then my everyday- but worth its weight in gold-- can't wait for beach season

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