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Thread: Anyone ever flown on a dash 8 or another small commercial Aircraft?

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    Anyone ever flown on a dash 8 or another small commercial Aircraft?

    I'm in a regional town in New Zealand and don't really want to drive all the way back to Auckland to fly back to Australia. It will take 3hours. The airport here has flights daily to Auckland but they are too small for 727s or bigger. So dash 8s are my only option. Has anyone ever flown in a dash 8? How'd you get on and off the plane?
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    I fly from Kelowna to Vancouver and the 2 airlines now use the smaller Dash 8's and the Dash 8's work fine. You'll be transferred into an aisle chair on the tarmac as Dash 8's don't use the sky bridge. You'll be either lifted up the stairs or they'll set up a portable ramp. Inside it is tight but the aisle chair gets you there. Only 1 power chair can go on each flight because of the storage and your chair might have to be tipped to get it in. Plane is loud but since it flies low the scenery is better than a jet. good luck. Bruce
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