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Thread: MotoGP anyone??

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    MotoGP anyone??

    Anybody watch the Sepang race? I can't seem to find anyone to talk about Rossi/Marquez and it's driving me bonkers . I watched it on my 70" TV sitting about two feet away and it looked like Marquez's helmet had just landed on Rossi's knee when he flicked his knee to get him off. It didn't look like a kick, just a knee out. Marquez said he kicked and it hit his handlebar which caused him to lose it. Rossi's comments about Marquez being all over him and slowing him down definitely seem legit considering he's not in contention with only two races left and Rossi is/was.

    Had this been an incident in NASCAR it would be all I'd hear about around here. I will throw out a quote from Days of Thunder though -

    Harry Hogge: Cole, you're wandering all over the track!
    Cole Trickle: Yeah, well this son of a bitch just slammed into me.
    Harry Hogge: No, no, he didn't slam you, he didn't bump you, he didn't nudge you... he *rubbed* you. And rubbin, son, is racin'.

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    I was HUGE into MotoGP years ago, back when I was riding everyday day, before I got run over and paralyzed. I still enjoy it, but haven't been a rabid fan for a while. It amazes me Rossi is still at the top of the game. He is most likely the greatest racer ever to spin on 2 wheels.

    This is incident has caused me to lose a little respect for him, but just a little. He's good enough not to have to race dirty, and this was dirty racing, IMO. It is fine to "be all over" someone, slowing them down; that is indeed racing, but I don't buy the "that's just a knee out" excuse. Ive riden enough, and raced enough, to know the knee doesn't go out in that direction given the direction Rossi was turning, and it also doesn't flick out and back like his knee did while in the middle of a corner. I'm not buying it.


    Rossi looked at him, then looked again, and whacked him on purpose, IMO.

    Although at slow-mo it does appear Marquez's helmet hit Rossi's knee BEFORE Rossi used it to push him my final analysis is they both messed up and Rossi came out on top.
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    Being an x racers I would have to say they are both at fault with this. Rossi for talking things up from the previous race and acting out on it finally for which we are talking about.
    MM did look like he was passing to pass and standing Rossi up after the pass. I first thought Rossi was a dick for kicking MM but after looking at the Helicopter video it shows that MM hit his leg and he was bringing his foot back on the peg. I'm sure he pushed out while doing it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oddity View Post my final analysis is they both messed up and Rossi came out on top.
    I agree with that, both contributed. Agostini's take on it:

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    It's a shame that the season ended in such a cloud of controversy. I was pulling for Rossi. I think that DORNA and FIM need to reevaluate their penalty process. I agree that Rossi should've been penalized for the move he made. But, three points and starting at the back of the grid is pretty steep for a second penalty. I know the starting at the back of the "starting at the back of the grid" was because of the culmination four penalty points total. I just renewed my subscription to Moto so that I can keep up with the test. New tires and new electronics will make the 2016 season interesting. Time to figure out what to do in the off-season.

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    Damn, wish I saw this post back when tman 1st posted it, I was in the same position wanting to chat w/others re the race. I just came across the post when looking here for travel info to DC. Anyway, looking forward to 3/20 and start of the 2016 motogp season!
    Dan G. in CT

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