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Thread: Quadriplegic careers?

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    Man, I would like more than anything to go back to work. However, between the pain and the drowsiness I might be able to get 5 hours of good work per day. Not long after my accident I went to one of my old customer's plant to see how things would work. It became very apparent I would need to have an attendant or aide with me where ever I went. I can drive, but need help getting up and down the ramp to my van. Many of the businesses that I would call on do not have the automatic door openers as well as there isn't someone like a secretary sitting near the door to let me in. From a financial standpoint I would need to make at least as much as I was making at the time of the accident. I'm sure there are work at home jobs that pay that much, but they are few and far between.

    One career that I've seen a couple of quads in is medical supplies and occupational therapy of all things. Wish you the best.
    C5/C6 since 2007 due to car accident

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    United States Federal Government

    Quote Originally Posted by JayHarn3 View Post
    Hey everyone, I'm interested in knowing what fellow quadriplegics are doing for career/work? I've started back to school to work on my bachelors and I'm focusing on business management/banking and finance but I'm not really sure if I should continue down that route. I am a C5 so I do need a lot of help in the mornings with range of motion and getting out of bed, dressed and showered so office work is kind of up in the air from 8 to 5. Thought I would just throw this out here to find out what my fellow members are doing for full-time work and how much of that work is able to be done from home. Thanks for any help and replies?Jay
    Jay and anyone else who wants to go back to work:

    Continue your education and apply for a position at

    to work at federal agency near you. Any federal agency can use a person like you in budgeting and finance even project management. When you apply you MUST indicate you are a person with a disability because the United States Government has a special hiring authority that brings you aboard to the agency you are applying to otherwise you are put with the general appliers.

    Search the web site of the Department of Labor for customized employment which helps you with your disability such as you have to be in between 7:00 a.m. through 11:00 a.m. without being tardy and even tele commute where you work at home. There are many more employment features that may assist you in your lifestyle. Another example, you must complete 40 hours of work in a 7 day period with no overtime pay.

    President Obama has increased the percentage of all people with disabilities from 3.5% to 7% of the government workforce and that quota has not been met. The United States Federal Government will take care of you and all of your workplace needs or modifications.

    I got injured March 1987 with a burst fracture of C6/C7 incomplete spinal cord injury with insufficient respiratory in a motor vehicle accident.

    I myself am a designer for NASA doing 2D, 3D, solid modeling, AutoLISP programming, and helping engineers with solid models for 3D printing. Next year I will have 25 years in at NASA. NASA has been very nice to me. I have earned four degrees including my bachelor's. I earned the privilege to tele commute, working at home. I VPN into our network to send inter-office emails and do electronic sign-offs. I have AutoCAD at home with the same set up I have at the Center. When I get done with a drawing I pdf it and email it to the engineer where he prints it out to either B, C, D or E size drawing.

    Great benefits too! Paid holidays, annual and sick leave, retirement plan; FERS, life, dental and health insurance, training, safety shoes annually, safety glasses and any other safety device or safety training and you get to work on projects that are just out of this world!

    What does it pay? I am a GS-12-9 with still more potential.

    Life is never a dull moment. Life is good!

    These words are of my own and not of NASA.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jeffryapt5 View Post
    I'm not sure if she is the longest living quadriplegic person ever recorded, but she may me the oldest one alive today. Joni Eareckson-Tada, had a diving accident when she was a teenager, and is 60 yrs. old today. She has had a number of career accomplishments over the decades. One of which is painting with her mouth.
    Far from it, we have several members here that make her look like a Spring Chicken!

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