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Thread: Seeking SCI folks in careers for video interviews

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    Seeking SCI folks in careers for video interviews


    I'm searching for career-minded individuals with spinal cord injuries willing to submit a video interview on their career. If you or know someone with a spinal cord injury in one of the following careers, please contact me at Thanks!

    1. Paralegal
    2. Addictions Counselor
    3. Social Worker
    4. Employment Specialist
    5. Customer Service Representative
    6. Social Security Administration Contact Representative
    7. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Investigator
    8. Switchboard/Telephone Operator
    9. Business Owner
    10. Software Developer
    11. Computer/Information Help Desk
    12. Teacher
    13. Professor
    14. Research Assistant
    15. Insurance Sales
    16. Financial Planner
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    If you are interested in people whose careers do not fit in the listed categories, then there is an exceptionally bright paraplegic named Kathy Ormsby who is a physical therapist specializing in hands. Kathy works in the Wilmington, NC area.

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    I can pretend I'm doing something work related or at least enumerate what I am supposed to be doing while there, but more importantly...what does this pay, and who's doing the video production? I'm greed and sloth minded, lol. But I'm a cripple with a job most would kill for, so what's being brought to the table for this biography?

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    Andy, what kind of work do you do?

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    Walmart Greeter. Oh wait, that's not on that specific list above (how'd that come about anyway?). Let's try this...technical stuff related to this

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