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Thread: Foley Cather as main urology program

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    Foley Cather as main urology program

    Hi, I've been intermittent cathing for 10 years I'm tired of leaking and trips to hospital for uti . I'm ready to ask urologist to keep foley in and use this as my bladder control . I feel keeping my bladder empty and able to drink more fluids would be a healthier means foe me . I want to know if others are using this method . . Thanks to all

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    I started using one about 11 years back. I was having back to back infections that were becoming antibiotic intolerant. I've not been treated for an infection since, but, we are not all the same.

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    It is probably more convenient but the research shows more infections with in dwelling catheters . But it is your decision. Cwo

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    Is super pubic better choice

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    I went with the ileal conduit and have had maybe 2 or 3 infections in 4 years. Had the foley for about 6 months before they really started bugging me to make a decision on the sp cath or the ileal conduit in the end i chose the latter and have been very happy.
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    The research shows any indwelling catheter- including the SPtube- is more prone to infections. However because not in perineal area some do have less infections. With the catheter through the urethra, there is the chance with long term use of hypospadias developing in men.

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    I've been using one for 50 years and so far things are going well. My bladder is colonized of course, but I haven't to had treat a UTI with antibiotics for longer than I can remember.

    I'm going to have to look up hypospadias.

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