Sounds like increased spasticity is common for some people regardless of SCI level. Interesting. I wonder why? I'm curious to check the known compounds and see if something present makes sense as a cause.

James: AD is more common for higher injuries but can occur with lower thoracic injuries as well. At T12 I've experienced it a few times over 10 years.

FWIW, I highly discourage using full-blown psychedelic hallucinagens as "social" or "party" drugs. Taking them then going "out on the town" is the basis of 99% of the bad trip horror stories I know about (which is a lot). The experiences triggered by these substances are very dependent on set and setting, and chaotic or unfamiliar settings can quickly feed the worst types of outcomes.

My best 'shroom trips have occurred lying comfortably on my couch in silent darkness (with a trusted and well experienced "sitter" near by).